Gather feedback from your users with one line of code.

Feature requests, bug reports, NPS feedback and browser data with a single script tag.

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Feedback for teams of all shapes and sizes

Simple feedback loop

One single line of code is all that's required to integrate Nice Ice's unobtrusive and streamlined feedback widget.

Shine a light on customers' ideas

Your users know what they want from your product, let them tell you. You can gather feature requests, feedback, NPS and bug reports.

Detailed Dashboard Integration

Every piece of feedback prompts an email and gets automatically aggregated into your personal dashboard for analysis.

Doesn't track nor collect any personal data

Unlike other feedback collection services, Nice Ice respects the privacy of your visitors. We don't collect user session data on purpose.

No cookie banners or GDPR/CCPA consent required

Nice Ice does not use cookies and is fully compliant with privacy regulations out of the box so you can rest easy.

Additional manual control over the widget

Want to get feedback at a certain point in your product flow? Programatically pop the widget open with one line of code.

An actionable dashboard and widget combo

Features include:

  • Categorised feedback
  • Page specific feedback
  • Net Promoter Score breakdown
  • Browser, Device and OS Information
  • Mark bugs as resolved to keep on top of what's reported
  • Hide feedback you're done with
  • Customise where your email reports go toCOMING SOON
  • Display your selected feedback requests on a public roadmap COMING SOON
  • Customise the widget for your site COMING SOON

Oh, and it costs $5 per month

Nice Ice is developed and maintained by developers who feel that user feedback is the lifeblood of product success - without it, a product cannot thrive and all products deserve their shot irrespective of team-size, market share or any other reason.

That's why we have a no-obligation free trial, then there's one price every team can afford, forever.

Start for free, one price forever afterwards


  • One line code integration
  • 15 feedback records
  • Gather and analyse NPS data
  • Email alerts
  • Dashboard analysis
  • User Agent and Device Information
  • No credit card required
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  • One line code integration
  • 15 Unlimited feedback records
  • Gather and analyse NPS data
  • Email alerts
  • Dashboard analysis
  • User Agent and Device Information
  • Cancel anytime
$5 per month Free trial

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